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About Us

The Compounding Lab's Creating Wellness 

 “It’s what in the  inside that matters!” 
 Mary-Louise Condon, Bpharm ABAAHP PCCA


 Jenny, Lou and Kim



We are a dedicated pharmacy team, intent on creating wellness by tailoring treatment specific to your needs using extensively tested, pure ingredients.

Our team tirelessly researches new advances in individualised medicine and we pride ourselves on providing the very best bespoke medicine. Our expertise combined with our use of best practice tools and procedures such as the Resonant Acoustic Mixer (RAM) ensures you get the best quality compounded medicine, every time.

Our compounding professionals can provide you with:

  •        Optimal dosage in unique forms such as lozenge, suppository, pessary or troche
  •        Cost effective, singular dosage forms combining more than one compatible medication
  •        Medications free of allergy or irritant causing ingredients such as dyes, sugar, lactose or alcohol
  •        100% pure ingredients ensuring gluten and lactose free dosing
  •        Palatable flavours for children, adults and pets
  •        Monitoring of your health and hormone levels
  •        Medications not commercially available in Australia
  •        Customised medication Australia-wide
  •        Same-day postage and express ordering.

We are dedicated to creating wellness by working with you to produce customised quality medicines maximising your health and wellbeing. Order from over 600 pre-compounded medicines or have one specially made for you.


We have a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription medicines treating a wide range of conditions. Some of our more popular treatment areas include:

Our advantage


  • Consultation

We have over 14 years compounding experience with qualified pharmacists available to discuss your health requirements. In addition, our qualified Anti-Aging and Integrative Health Practitioners can be consulted to integrate traditional western medicine and naturopathy to solve your aging and health issues.

  • Quality Compounding

We take innovation and quality seriously. In 2014, we are the first Queensland compounding pharmacy to invest in a RAMTM (Resonant Acoustic Mixer) to allow thorough mixing of ingredients. This good manufacturing practice provides you with the best quality in compounded medicine, and sets us apart from other compounding pharmacies. Click here to see how medicine is made in our lab. 

  • Analytical testing of all ingredients used

All ingredients we use are tested to ensure 100% accuracy. We use effective testing programs post-compounding to identifying and monitor current levels of quality.The Compounding Lab consistently re-evaluates our operating procedures through testing and analysis, and undergoes systematic improvements to create a quality experience for you.