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Autism / ADHD

At The Compounding Lab we compound many preparations that support and assist in creating wellness in Autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder of the brain that appears in early childhood. The condition may cause impairment of social interaction and communication, as well as a change in behavior. It is becoming more apparent that the cause of autism is biomedical. At The Compounding Lab we have worked with Doctors and Naturopaths and Health Professionals to assist in designing medication that best suits children who have Autism and ADHD because it can be a challenge to give medication and Nutraceuticals supplements to these unique children.

Commonly requested compounds for Autism / ADHD: Any strength or form can be made especially for your child.

  • Methylcobalamin B12 transdermal cream, capsule or lozenge to improve mental cognition
  • Melatonin Suspension for sleep and reducing anxiety
  • Zinc Drink or drops
  • Zinc Transdermal cream, capsule to improve immune function and metallothionein production
  • Magnesium Glycinate , Tuarinate , L-threonate in powder or capsule
  • Zeolite drops for chelating heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, and aluminium)
  • Detox Drops for excess lead, copper and heavy metals
  • Glutathione Transdermal creams, Glutathione Nebuliser solution
  • Urine Salt Alkalizers
  • Glutamine Powder or capsule to repair "Leaky Gut"
  • Methionine Capsule to support liver methylation
  • Candida Elimination Solution
  • Professional Probiotics
  • E.Coli Probiotics
  • Omega 3 fatty Acid Solution
  • Constipation Solution (Magnesium) 


Many parents have found that their children have made significant behavioral and cognitive gains when put on nutritional interventions. Researchers are finding that children with autism do not digest their food properly, causing an unfortunate chain of events. Incompletely digested food in the intestinal tract becomes a breeding ground for yeast, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms, stressing the immune system and contributing to leaky gut syndrome. Large molecules of this incompletely digested food pass directly into the blood stream, triggering allergies. Other improperly digested food molecules mimic opiates that pass directly into the brain, overloading the brain with opiates and causing further damage.

Most children with autism benefit from the gluten and casein free diet. Children on the gluten and casein free diet avoid foods, drinks and medications containing the gluten and casein proteins commonly found in wheat and milk. Children with autism poorly digest gluten and casein proteins which form opiate-like molecules that flood the brain with opiates, interfering with the proper function and development of the brain.

Children with Autism do not create enough natural detoxifiers to remove heavy metals and other toxins from their bodies. Toxic substances tend to build up in them. The processes of methylation and sulfation are two of the healthy body's natural means of ridding itself of toxic substances. These individuals often need supplements to provide them with the raw materials their bodies need to carry out methylation and sulfation.

Autism is a multi-spectrum disorder with wide ranging symptoms that appear in varying degrees that are unique to each patient. Mega-vitamin therapy was one of the most significant, early breakthroughs in the treatment of individuals with autism. Researchers have been able to confirm through clinical tests that many children with autism suffer from severe vitamin deficiencies and that nutritional supplements could improve or even eliminate symptoms in many cases.

The use of B vitamins that are bioactive (in a form the body can most readily use) are recommended because these children do not easily absorb adequate amounts of B vitamins. The bioactive form of vitamin B6, P5P, is specifically recommended.

Some researchers have added magnesium to vitamin B6, reporting both nutrients may have better effects than taking B6 alone. Compound RX can formulate the appropriate amount of magnesium and Vitamin B6 to fit your child’s specific needs. Those who have taken this formulation, report a wide range of benefits that include better eye contact, less self-stimulatory behavior, more interest in the surrounding world, fewer tantrums, more speech and more normality in general.

B12 and Folic Acid are also critical vitamins used by the body to detoxify itself on a regular basis. TMG (trimethylglycine) and Betaine, both powerful methylators, are recommended to assist in the methylation process.

Children with autism may be selective eaters, which may put them at risk for some vitamin deficiencies. If a diet is high in processed foods, the child may be deficient in vitamins C, E, and B-6 and minerals such as magnesium, molybdenum, chromium, and selenium.

The Compounding Lab can also custom-make supplements and prescription medications to fit your child's needs and patients with autism. We can formulate medications that are:

• Gluten free
• Casein free
• Soy free
• Preservative free
• No artificial flavoring & No artificial colouring


We can compound sugar-free prescription yeast infections medications.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us.
We can order and/or make almost any formulation you need.