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Brain Fog? 4 Tips to immediately improve your memory

January 16th, 2015 in category Anti-Aging
by Mary-Louise Condon Bpharm ABAAHP

4 Tips to improve your memory NOW

">Monkey rubbing head


From an integrative medicine  perspective there is many ways your brain function and memory capabilities can be altered each day. Have a try at our questionaire and see if you need to implement for MEMORY enhancing supplements or hormones.

There are four tips to immediately improve your memory?

1. Exercise your body and brain each day for 30 minutes

2. Avoid Aspartame ( use Stevia as sugar substitute)

3. Hormones need Balancing: look at your optimal levels for all hormones, including Thyroid & Insulin. If you dont know your levels get them checked!

4. Nutritionally Sound: These are great memory boosting supplements, see us for recommended dosesAlpha lipoic AcidFish Oils / Omega 3sC0-enzyme Q10Phosphatyldl Serine (PS)Vitamin D & EL-carnitineGinkoGood B Complex . How about check your levels, ask us how call 1300 282 311