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Cosmeceutical Agents:


At The Compounding Lab we compound many preparations that support and assist in creating wellness and giving your skin a better more youthful complexion.

Cosmeceutical agent refers to an added benefit beyond a simple cosmetic or moisturiser (they are not considered a medication but enhance your skins appearance if applied topically daily). These components are gentle, all-natural, noninvasive and best of all they work. All skin treatment must be accompanied with daily sun protection. Just remember just like we dont have one key supplement or food to eat there isn't one best 'does it all' cosmeceutical but rather a group of them work together to allow your skin to shine.

Below are 10 special ingredients we compound in several combinations you may choose:

1. Peptides are proteins containing aminoacids• Bio-peptides cause a immediate cellular response by Inducing Fibroblast production of collagen which reduces fine lines and causes a firming effect. They act as moisture building agents and enable the skin to self repair.

  • Alpha-hexa Peptide 1-10% known as “topical botox” which relaxes facial tension in facial muscles that contributes to lines and wrinkles. Researchers think it works by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters released by the brain that tell these facial muscles to tense. The result is relaxed musculature and reduced wrinkles and lines.
  • Newer peptides Copper Peptides (copper gluconate) . Collagen and elastin need copper for production and skin repair. This peptide is being trialed in wound healing as well.


2.  Vitamin A Retinol Compounds: (0.05%-0.5%. Currenlty on the market we have Tretinoin 0.05% but did you know you can go upto 0.5% , twn times stronger. These  high strength Tretinoin products all require a Prescription. Retinol or Vitamin A compounds are 
• Gold standard for acting as a Ketatolytic and  Increasing Skin turn over and giving a clear complexion
• Decrease cross linking of collagen & elastin so is first line in reducing fine lines
• Visible anti-aging benefits seen in little as 6 weeks , need to be applied every night and SPF 30+ applied daily


3. DMAE  Fish Oil is a “Face Lift in a Jar” 

• Good for fine lines above lip and around eyes
• Stressed , overtired skin
• Improve firmness on body & skin
• Moderate price range compared to superior expensive Biopeptides

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (0.5%-5%) important as it Inhibits cross linking of collagen , so reduces lines & wrinkles
• Helps reduce age spots or pigmentation of age spots
• Good for under eye bags and puffiness
• 400 x stronger than Vit A and Vit  E as an antioxidant . So if you go in the sun or smoke this is a must have ingredient.

5.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids  are fruit acids such as Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid , Mandelic Acid  & Kojic Acid (for darker skin)

    Beta Hydroxy Acids such as Salicylic acid used mainly for solar keratosis and acne as they increase skin       turnover, act as a condolytic to reduces black heads , and reduce pigmentation and age spots .
Most importantly AHA's & BHA's enhances penetration of other cosmeceuticals so are often the base to all beauty and anti-aging creams. We compound AHA peels and creams to be used daily or weekly to act as efficient skin exfoliator.

6. Vitamin C Ascorbyl Palmitate a very stable form as its Lipid soluble for of Vit C and it may 
• Increase Collagen & Elastin, improves saggy skin
• Reduce age spots
• Excellent antioxidant to treats sun damaged skin & Sunburn
• Reduce fine lines in serum solution (0.2 - 2%) 

7. Vitamins:

Vitamin E (1-5%): (from rice bran oil)
• Tocopherol is our Vitamin  E of cosmetic formulations
• Excellent for pigmented skin
• Excellent for scaring

Vitamin B :

• Vitamin B3 (Niacin 3-15%) Topical gel used for acne scaring & Rosacea
• Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)  improves the appearance of skin. It improves metabolism and nourishes the epidermis, enabling it to retain a youthful look and reduce the creation of wrinkles. It also accelerates healing.

8. Hormones such as Melatonin (0.2%-2%) & Oestraiol (0.05%) low dose
• They increase elasticity & skin firmness
• They may be Growth Hormone Related related 

9. Hyaluronic acid (1-10%) from Sodium Hyaluranate is a substance naturally produced by your body and is a basic building block of skin. It is a wonderful addition to re-hydrates and give a  youthful , dewy appearance to  the skin 
• It can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.
• It also naturally stimulates the production of collagen.

10. Hydroquinone 1-4% (high strength requires prescription)
• Skin Pigment reducing “Gold Standard”
• Must be used every day
• Alternative is Kojic Acid (1-4%)


 Brand New Scaring Reducing Gels:
• Pracasil Oil we add active scar reducing ingredients
• Silicon Gel and Prac Oil

Where to start: Choose one of our  Bases for DRY, Oily or Normal Skin
1. Choose a base that depends on your needs . We have over 10 excellent Versatile base creams, Gels or lotions , even  Emollient Cream for night heavy moisturising.
2.Choose ingredients that you believe suit your outcome in skin beauty examples

  • Bio peptide treatment base for anti-aging and skin tightening
  • Hyalurate gel base for eye & treatment gel & ultimate hydration
  • Hydroquinone  and Pracasil for pigmented skin
  • Our Pharmacist formulates the ingredients list with optimal Ph and stabilizing agents

    Always think as well Oral Skin FOOD Vitamin Anti-aging & Skin Supplements should included:
    • Calcium 1000mg & Magnesium 500mg
    • Zinc 30mg daily & Selenium 200mcg daily & Iodine
    • Acetyl- L-carnitine 1000mg daily
    • Omega 6/ omega 3 Essential Fatty acids  
    • B1/B2/B3/B5/B6 multi B capsule
    • B12 500mcg daily & Folic Acid 500mcg daily
    • Chromium 80mg daily
    • Antioxidants: Vit A 5000 iu , Vit E 400IU, Vit C 1000mg