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Over The counter Compounding

Compounding is often described as the “Art of making Medicine” we like to believe at The Compounding Lab it’s the “Art of creating wellness”. You see every one is unique and different; they have different likes and dislikes, different food tolerances and tastes. So at the Compounding Lab in Albion, Brisbane we make Nutrients and Medicine for you or your Pet or patient to create optimal wellness. We love been creative and If we can improve compliance and have you enjoy taking your supplement / Medicine easily in a form that agrees with you, in the flavour you love, in the form you prefer then we have given you a solution to create wellness for you or your Pet.

“The Compounding Lab was established in 2004 and we have just celebrated 12 years. This year we are expanding our Lab with state of the art equipment and laboratory. Our most recent acquisition is the RAM (Resonate Acoustic Mixer) to make sure mixing ingredients is of the highest quality.
We have available a team who are eager to answer questions and help achieve optimal health for your patients.

We value our relationships with prescribers and referrals, and patients and believe in frequent communication and a close working relationship in order to provide the most effective treatments to create Wellness.

Our compounded medicines and products are formulated to ensure you have the highest level of patient outcome to provide your patients and your own care. Our Ingredients are tested to maintain 100% quality.

We are expanding on existing therapies and value any suggestions to provide more suitable alternatives with each individual patient. A common example of what we are requested today would be always using "lactose & gluten free fillers" when encapsulating to remove another hurdle in medication/ nutrition tolerability. Further more we can suggest optimum filler suited for that patient. Like magnesium for poor sleepers, or vitamin K & E in Vitamin D capsules to support effectiveness.

We understand your time is valuable hence why we launched our new Phone App to make ordering even simpler. Our App is downloaded from the App Store call COMPOUNDLAB and can be downloaded onto any Ipad or smart phone. Our App outlines our streamlined prescription-forwarding process, gives an overview of our products and services, and a copy of our Consumer Medicine Information on common ingredients to ensure all questions are answered. You can contact us via the App any time and request a return call.

Our specialist team of pharmacists and technicians are always happy to help by calling 38626000 or 1300282311.

General Compounding Areas we commonly assist
• Gluten / Lactose free medicine & products
• Adding Flavour or Preservative free
• Changing form from Capsule to Suspension or Transdermal Cream
• Changing the dose to a smaller amount not commercially available
• Making medicine that has been discontinued
• Making a medicine into a Liposomal Cream with superior effect but reduce side effects
• Making you have a better result with your Medicine … Creating wellness its inside that counts.

…………. Creativity is what compounding is all about if you have a medicine or Nutrient that you need to take chat to us about the best way that makes you achieve optimal health.