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A simple taste test can establish the presence of zinc in an individual and this test can establish and determine if the person is a under or overmethylator. At The Compounding Lab, we can treat deficiencies by preparing an  effective nutraceutical supplementation, specifically compounded for you. Every individual is unique and their special combination of all zinc, B6, B5 etc is especially designed for them depending on their weight and tolerence. We compound a general Zinc Picolinate with B6, B5. Magnesium.

Deficiencies of B6 and zinc are associated with a wide range of emotional and psychiatric problems. Nervousness, extreme irritability, anxiety, depression, short-term memory problems, and explosive anger have all been linked to pyroluria. A large percentage of patients with psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia exhibit high levels of pyrroles; emotionally disturbed children and excessive alcohol intake also tend to have an abnormally high pyrrole count.

In addition, zinc deficiencies have been associated with a number of physiological disorders, including poor immune function, poor growth, and delayed sexual development. Because zinc and B6 are so important to both our overall physical and mental health, identifying and treating this devastating condition is critical.

This formula can:

Be useful in pyroluria and consists of a replacement of zinc and vitamin B6. The treatment is replacing deficiencies and needs to be titrated to individual requirements. A variety of factors are taken into consideration when developing a treatment regimen. Both zinc and B6 supplementation need to be directed by a practitioner as too much can be toxic, use of wrong form can be ineffective, and avoiding competing minerals and supplements may be necessary.


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