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The way you feel tomorrow depends on what you do today!


Supplements can be money wasted or money well spent, it all depends on which you are taking and why.


These days, many Australian adults take supplements regularly, which is good until you realise that some may be taking them based on potentially misleading information or from a recommendation of an individual not knowledgeable about nutrition and health. There is so much information on Dr Google, so what to do?

The simple answer – start by understanding how your lifestyle is affecting your nutritional needs.


Other than your current medical diseases, your LIFESTYLE appears to be the most significant predictor of your actual nutritional supplement needs. Australians have calories rich but nutrient poor diets hence become malnourished in certain minerals and vitamins. This is why we are seeing the explosion of diabetes, metabolic disorder and many other inflammatory conditions.

So if one in four Australians have diabetes – predominantly Type 2 which is generally related to poor diet and a lack of exercise. The tragedy of this type of Diabetes is that the disease is largely preventable – and easily reversed – through lifestyle choices and your genetic make-up.


But, “lifestyle” is not a choice and standard; And you can’t pick your genetic makeup it is as individual as you are. That’s why Customvite program assess individual lifestyles, your family history and makes recommendations on the nutritional supplements that are appropriate for you.


No two individuals are exactly the same, But, each and every combination is based on proven science and the role that vitamins, minerals, herbals and other nutrients perform to make you feel like one of a kind.


Together with our team of nutritionists and compounding pharmacists we formulate a vitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for you.

If your healthcare provider agrees with our recommendations, we will prepare your custom vitamin – each quality ingredient is carefully weighed and compounded into easy-to-swallow capsules.


You will receive a 3 month supply. The payment you make, is the your cost to better health and will be less than buying retail packages of the many different supplements. We offer sms reminders needed when you are about to run out of a supplement. Customvite offers an online reorder reminder service or downloadable phone App.


Your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you have questions, simply speak to one of our experienced staff by telephone

 – 1300 282 311 the call is free and there is no additional charge for the consultation. If you feel that our supplements are not right for you, you can receive a full refund of the money you have paid.

If your combination changes we will replace with the new combination, as we understand your body changes its requirements over time.



P.S.  We add NO Gluten, NO lactose, NO unnecessary sugars and preservatives as your capsule is made to be used by you that day


If your health practitioner does not know about our part Customvite program, Please email us and we will contact them on your behalf [email protected]


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