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Thyroid Activation Capsules


These capsules are designed to treat the classic symptoms of low Thyroid and contains a combination of zinc, selenium, iron, Iodine, B6 and B5. The daily dose for Thyroid Activation capsules is one capsule a day.Classic Thyroid Symptoms are cold hands, feeling sluggish, thin hair, thin dry skin, constipation, and not feeling well, in addition to extreme Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue. If your doctor tells you your Thyroid function is normal from a blood test don’t despair, there is still hope. 

However, what is overlooked, is the vast majority of people cannot convert the T4 hormone to the active form of thyroid that is T3 and this is confirmed by measuring free hormone levels.

There are seven different reasons as to why the Thyroid is not functioning and low conversion is common.

  1.                           Pituitary (low TSH)
  2.                           Low T4
  3.                           Poor Conversion (T4 to T3)
  4.                           Low TBP
  5.                           High TBP
  6.                           Insulin Resistance (Adrenals)
  7.                           Autoimmune (Destruction of Thyroid)

If you experience symptoms of low Thyroid yet, are not ready for hormone supplements, try our Thyrpid Activation Capsules. Hashimotos (Autoimmune Thyroid) patients also benefit from Thyroid Activation capsules. Often treating Hashimotos can be difficult as the T3 & T4 are irregular and the patient experiences from Hypo to Hyper Thyroid Symptoms. The patient often need Hydrocortisone to control the Inflammation and destruction of the Thyroid gland. 



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