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Omeprazole Suspension Reflux Medication

Omeprazole Compounded Suspension: Infant Reflux

At The Compounding Lab we compound many preparations that support and assist in creating wellness in improving reflux symptoms in infants.

What is Omeprazole?
Omeprazole is a type of medication from the protein pumps inhibitor family and may reduced the amount of acid produced by the stomach. Our compouneded Omperazole is PH balanced to make a quality suspension last over 1 month that flavouring can be added.

How does this help infant reflux?
Reflux is a condition where the stomach contents are continuously brought up after feeding. By reducing the acid in the stomach this burn is greatly reduced and the discomfort goes away.
Most cases of reflux in babies are due to the immaturity of the oesophageal sphincter (the valve that closes the stomach off from the oesophagus). This just means that the valve is not strong enough to close properly and thus allows the stomach contents to regurgitate back up the oesophagus.

Compounded Omeprazole suspension:
Omeprazole is commercially available as a tablet form only called "Losec". Omeprazole suspension is compounded only and not made from a dissolved or crushed up tablets only from 100% Omeprazole powder. This can be appropriately flavoured for infants.

How to give Omeprazole suspension:
Omeprazole suspension is given once or twice a day best given 15-30 min before food or without food for maximal effect. Missed doses can be given as soon as you remember. Do not double dose to catch up - if a dose has been missed just take the next dose as normal.
Side effects of Omeprazole:
Omeprazole is generally well tolerated; any side effects are usually mild and last a short time. These may include diarrhea or constipation, nausea or vomiting or a skin rash. Please contact either your doctor or the pharmacists for more information.
Less 10kg (5mg =1ml once a day): 10-20 Kg (10mg =2ml once a day or divided into two doses): Greater 20kg (20mg =4ml once or twice daily. Step down dose when stopping treatment. We make 5mg/ml and 2mg/ml suspension and flavour. Omeprazole is less weight sensitive than other medication for infants and increasing the dose depends on symptom control. Split dose can offer better results

Practical Points:

  • Always store the refrigerated Omeprazole in the warmest part of your refrigerator 2-8C not less than. Always shake rigorously before giving suspension to preventing caking.

  • Always give a pro biotic to infant whilst taking Omeprazole with Lactobacillus GG to replace and restore the good bacteria. I.e. Baby biotic. 1⁄2-2g given once a day 2 hours away from Omeprazole.

  • Omeprazole is suspended in a sodium bicarbonate buffered suspension to allow drug absorption and will offer an antacid benefit to relieve pain but the medicine requires 10-14 days to see improvement up to 6 weeks for severe reflux.

  • If suspension look watery it may have been stored to cold and the suspension dissolved. Its then inactive and needs discarding.

  • Flavouring is available. Tutti-frutti, watermelon, chocolate-cheesecake. Although flavouring may cause the Omeprazole to become unstable and break down in solution.

  • We recommend Magnesium Cream Rub or baths to replace the side effect of reduced stomach absorption and improve infant sleeping.