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Pet Compounding


Compounded Veterinary Medicine  

Compounding comes in many shapes and forms. We endeavour to continually update and add to our product list. Please browse our list below and if you require a product not listed please complete our VETERINARY ONLINE QUOTE FORM by clicking HERE.


Veterinary Compounding:
At The Compounding Lab we compound many preparations that support and assist in creating wellness for your pet . We care about the things that matter most to you — like the health of your pets. That's why we've organised everything we do around you, your clients and your pets. The Compounding Lab is your gateway to the many medications and services for veterinary professionals.

We compound for all animal types . Vet Dosing Transdermal for CATS became so easy!

Cat face
If your cat has trouble taking medication by mouth, your vet may prescribe the medication in a transdermal gel. The Compounding Lab dispenses most transdermal gels in our Twist-a-Dose transdermal gel applicator.

Twist-a dose is simple to use: two easy steps, a no-mess applicator and no tiny markings to read! The medication is applied directly to the cat's ear, so you will have minimal contact with the medication (but our pharmacists always recommend wearing gloves when applying any transdermal gel!). See instructions for the Twist-a-Dose Transdermal Gel Applicator

If your cat takes one of these medications, ask your vet doctor if a transdermal gel dispensed in the transdermal applicator. Here are some examples

• Amitrptyline HCL
• Amlodipine
• Benazpril HCL
• Buspirone HCL
• Chlorpheniramine Maleate
• Cisparide
• Clomipramine HCL
• Dexamethasone
• Diltiazem
• Enalapril
• Famotidine
• Fluoxetine
• Furosemide
• Glipizide
• Methimazole
• Metoclopramide
• Phenoxybenzamine HCL
• Prednisolone
• Ranitidine
• Theophylline
• Tramadol HCL

Suspensions and chews for dogs are often compounded. If your pet only takes liquids and your medication is only available in capsules or tablets then the Compounding Lab can help you. We can flavour the medicine for enhanced compliance , and change the strength to suit your pets size and shape.


 We are always happy to help please call  1300282311  or email


 Compounding Lab Pharmacy Team