“Prevention is the medicine of the millennium” – Dr. Ronald Klatz (President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Inc).

While aging can’t be stopped, in many cases it can be slowed down. Anti-aging treatment is a clinical specialty to detect, prevent, treat, and reverse age-related issues. Integrative medical treatment helps to increase your lifespan and enhance the quality of life in your later years. The Compounding Lab uses a multi-disciplinary regime with a number of treatment protocols, which provides a holistic approach to the ultimate in preventative medicine. Healthy behaviours such as regular physical activity, proper nutrition, hydration and effective sleep patterns are all recognized as effective means for reducing the risk of developing many chronic diseases that can occur during the aging process.

The 5 Pillars of Anti-aging Medicine

The Compounding Lab follows A5M’s Anti-aging philosophy, and the 5 pillars of anti-aging medicine.

  • Exercise and physiology – increases specific hormone levels and oxygenates blood vessels for beneficial effects
  • Diet and nutrition – a healthy diet contributes significantly to slowing the aging process
  • Relaxed and healthy mind –reduce stress and have regular brain exercise
  • Supplements – early detection and prevention of degenerative diseases increases quality of life
  • Hormones & Medication– Hormone therapy helps reduce the effects of aging

You can book an appointment with our qualified Anti-Aging and Integrative Health Practitioner Mary-Louise Condon to create a personalised integrative program for your aging and health issues.

Leaving you with a simple Tip! The biggest predictor of Longivity is your Pulse rate & Blood Pressure! So Honestly, we could go on with thousands of studies that illustrate the same point. Resting Heart Rate is a simple, non-invasive measure of one’s health status. Generally, your resting heart rate needs to be less than 65 and this is associated with significantly greater survival, while if your Resting Heart Rate in excess of 75 it is associated with a significantly greater risk of mortality.

It’s Not Too Late!

For those with resting heart rates in excess of 70-75 beats per minute, don’t freak out. Lets focus on our Anti-aging principles ……. There are several powerful ways to reduce resting heart rate over time that should be encouraged as they are cornerstone elements of our healthy living philosophy, Regular exercise, Mediterranean diet, Sustained weight loss, with permanent smoking cessation!

We can support any of these steps with Nutraceuticals today.

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