Creating Wellness

Creating Wellness is a belief that you can maintain your optimal health by taking ownership of your own healing plan. A partnership between you and your health practitioner needs to create a long-term plan for you to take control of your own wellbeing. When this is achieved you are more likely to make long-term lifestyle changes to improve your health. At the Compounding Lab we can guide you with the correct steps to create wellness.

  • Start by understanding your own biochemical individuality based on your genetic and environmental uniqueness. Blood and saliva tests can be done to compare to what is optimal health and your health.
  • Understand evidence that supports patient individuality approach to health NOT disease centred approach.
  • Aim for a balance among internal and external body, mind and spirit. Stress reduction and sleep can play a huge part in creating wellness.
  • Understand health is a positive vitality not just the absence of disease and encourage these forces.
  • Promote optimal health by maintaining healthy life style, and exercise regularly to ensure longer life span. Let food be your medicine and use nutraceuticals to correct deficiencies.
  • Understand the inter connections of all internal physiological factors. Balancing these factors can take time so draft your plan today.

My Creating Wellness Prescription is:

  1. Stressed lifestyle and Diet Changes
  2. High Blood Pressure Lifestyle Changes
  3. Low Thyroid Lifestyle Changes
  4. Diabetes & Inflammation Disease Lifestyle Changes
  5. Weight Reduction Lifestyle Changes

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