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The Compounding Lab is focused on providing you with a high level of service. This is why we provide an anonymous customer service feedback form for you to help us evaluate our performance. Please help us by leaving us a Google Review Here.

Customer Testimonials

“I have had unbelievable success with the formula you made me! I haven’t felt like this for over 10 years! Thank you so very much for your efforts and putting in the extra time it took to research and put it together. You have changed my life! I can now talk to people in public which means I can work again. I can also take pleasure in singing again and enjoying exercise. I just needed you to know how much I I appreciate your efforts. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!
– Melissa, Brisbane.


“After having bowel problems for so long I have just started taking the inulin powder recommended by the Compounding Lab and have found relief within two days. Thank you so much.”

        – Elsie, Bundaberg.


“Thanks once again for your generous and ongoing support in assisting with treating poor women with fistula and childbirth injuries in rural Western Uganda. We raise money to provide the surgery free of cost to the women. Each surgery costs over US$300 per case. The women would otherwise be unable to afford this treatment as they usually earn US$1 per day. The medications that you donate (and have done for many years now) greatly assists in the care of these women. Thanks again.”

           – Dr Hannah Krause, Brisbane
“I researched Progesterone cream and wanted to understand more and find out how I could have it prescribed. The pharmacist was very understanding, ran hormone tests and directed me to a doctor who I was comfortable with.”
– Rebecca, Palm Beach


“My daughter suffers severe allergies and sensitivities; as her mother my job is pretty tough when it comes to providing her with the best care. Until I found The Compounding Lab I was spending countless time and money on pharmaceutical products that ended up being unsuitable for my daughter. The staff at The Compounding Lab have been wonderful to me, making it that much easier when deciding on skin care and medicines for my little girl. I’ve called on them many times, mostly at the ‘eleventh hour’ and they have always been prepared to pretty much drop everything and help me in any way they can. I feel I can trust their advice and most importantly I can rest assured that if ever I need either products or information in a hurry I can call on The Compounding Lab. The peace of mind this offers is invaluable, and it makes my life so much easier. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Louise, Wakerley


“After using the cosmeceutical anti-aging serum made up for me at The Compounding Lab, my skin looks and feels great with the fine lines on my forehead visibly reduced.”

– Helen, Newmarket


“With the help of a Reflux suspension made up at The Compounding Lab, my daughter is more comfortable and sleeps well at night.”

– Alison, Wilston


“My headaches are under control thanks to the specially compounded Migraine Relief capsules made up for me at The Compounding Lab. I was able to buy them in the states and they improved the formula.”

– Brett, Sydney


“After having a consultation with one of The Compounding Lab practitioners, I discovered I had low Vitamin D, Low iron, and B12. They helped me get the best compounded supplement for me, I feel like I have so much more energy now.”

– Linda, Brisbane

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