Hormones are chemical messengers that travel the bloodstream to the organs and tissues. These messengers are integral to overall health as they impact mental, physical and sexual health on every level. This is due to being active on every cell in the body.

Hormones affect many of your body’s processes over time. Both men and women produce the following hormones:

Each hormone is important and they have an interrelationship, hence balance is essential.

When they become imbalanced, they no longer function properly and may result in:

  • Weight-gain
  • Mood-swings & hot flushes
  • Disrupted menstrual cycles
  • Disturbed sleep pattern
  • Loss of libido & fertility

Hormone imbalances can originate as a result of:

  • Women’s hormones needing replacing at menopause
  • Women’s hormones that are unstable before menopause
  • Men’s hormones declining sooner than desired
  • Thyroid and Adrenal glands operating sub optimally in both genders

Hormone imbalances can also cause serious medical conditions like Diabetes. Often, hormone problems go unnoticed when you are seeing several different doctors for symptom issues. Problems usually start 6-10 years before seeking treatment.

Hormone checks can be undertaken easily with our help. We specialise in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to treat these imbalances. Our Compounding Manager, Mary-Lou Condon, is an integrative practitioner combining nutraceuticals (vitamins & nutrition) and hormones. As such, the leadership of Mary-Lou ensures The Compounding Lab stands out from competitors.  We can help you feel happy and young again.

Click here for more information about Hormone Testing and Evaluation.

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