Candida ( Caprylic Acid ) Bowel Cleanse Gel 300g


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Caprylic Acid Candida Gel:

 The Compounding Lab’s mixture of the liquid caprylic acid, psyllium and bentonite forms a sustained release gel delivery system. This thick gel traps the caprylic acid and slows its transit through the colon.

The gel has the added benefits of both scrubbing the colon walls to release impacted matter and, of absorbing toxins. Also, the Caprylic acid mixed in a Caproyl, being a liquid, has a coating action on the intestinal wall, which tablets and capsules cannot match. As the liquid Caproyl is dispersed in the Psyllium/Bentonite gel, it releases its caprylic acid throughout the entire length of the intestinal tract.

While in this gelled state, caprylic acid is not only able to reduce yeast populations, it is prevented from causing the toxicity that occurs when it is directed to the liver with pure liquid Caprylic acid (which is not recommended)

Dose: 5ml of gel twice a day followed by water for 3-12 weeks depending on the chronic infection 


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