Clean Fungal Nail Solution


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Our Clean Fungal Nail Solution is a topical fungal nail treatment that is compounded with safe ingredients:

  • Tea Tree Oil;
  • Lemongrass Oil;
  • Almond Oil;
  • Clove Oil;
  • Jojoba Oil;
  • Vitamin E Oil;
  • Undecylenic Acid 

This treatment: 

  • Kills nail fungus;
  • Helps clear yellow keratin debris;
  • Applies easily with topical brush
  • Is natural, safe, effective
  • Will assist in seeing a noticeable difference in Few weeks.

The presence of instant heal is not possible; please allow at least, FOUR to SIX weeks before getting the intended result of shiny and healthy nails, as well as, natural restoration of the nail colour and the overall conditions. 


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