Dr Deb Cohen-Jones Lash Growth Serum


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How does a prescription lash serum work?

Bimatoprost, when applied to skin at the base of lashes on the upper eyelid, binds to receptors on the hair follicle that normally bind a hormone called ‘prostaglandin’, known to increase eyelash hair growth (length and thickness) and darkness in multiple clinical studies. Precisely how it triggers growth is not known, but it is thought that bimatoprost stimulates lashes in their resting (telogen) phase to enter the active growth (anagen) phase, and stay in that phase for longer.

When medically prescribed to patients who have been carefully assessed, and applied to skin at the lash base, there are minimal side effects (<4% of patients). These side effects can include:

– Lid irritation (resolves after 1-2 weeks of continued use)

– Skin pigmentation changes close to the lashes where the product is applied (this is reversed when treatment is stopped)

– Decreased tear production/dry eyes

– Darkening of the iris (the coloured part of the eye) has been reported as an extremely rare side effect of bimatoprost, when used for glaucoma, and is not reversible. It has not been reported when used on the skin for lash growth.

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