Formulae Microbiome Collagen Daily Moisturiser Sample


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Formulae Microbiome Collagen Day Moisturiser 15g SAMPLE


The current focus of much cosmetic marketing is to focus on catch phrases and buzz words like “no nasties”, “free from” and “hypo-allergenic”.  At Formulae we believe that for a skincare label to be successful, focus needs to be on something that is scientifically and medically sound. Most importantly however it needs to deliver customers results that will astound them. We will carefully weave your story and product ideas around formulations that are microbiome friendly, will improve the physiology of the skin and will give amazing results.
A microbiome friendly product is not onerously limiting to your creativity. In fact, we follow three main principles to ensure your product is microbiome friendly:

1)All products are formulated at the pH that is conducive to microbiome health and optimal skin physiology

2)Natural lipids will be incorporated into all products to ensure the product mimics natural sebum

3)No ingredient, including preservatives will be used in such a manner that disrupts the healthy skin microbiome

PLUS added Collagen to reduce signs of aging xx