Hormone Saliva Test


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Hormone Saliva Test

This kit comes in 2 options, depending on the type of testing required. The standard kit has one collection tube and is used for the collection in the morning.

Option 1: Sex Hormone. This kits can be used for the measurement of the following hormones. E1 (Oestrione) , E2 (Oestrodiol) , E3 (Oestriol) , Progetserone, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol

Option 2:  Adrenal Stress profile. Option 2 This kit come with 4 collection tubes so sample can be collected throughout the day. Preferably 8am (or when first awake), 12 mid-day, 4pm, and 8pm and then if wake up in the night. It tests Cortisol for the 4 time durations and DHEA in the 8am collection. 



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