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Natural Painkiller: Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) – What you need to know.

A very special molecule, produced in our own body, and now available as supplement (PeaPure) and as cream (PEA cream), as well as dietfood for medical purposes in Italy and Spain (Normast).

PEA has been explored since 1957 and has a clear analgesic and anti-inflammatory efficacy, and virtually no side effects. Meanwhile within the context of clinical trials 5000 patients have been using PEA, and its efficacy and safety has been documented in more than 500 scientific papers.

Since 2012 it is also available in the Australia. We regularly receive questions from those countries on how to obtain and use PEA. Meanwhile there are many hundreds of satisfied overseas citizens using this natural painkiller. PEA is available as capsules Palmitoylethanolamide of 300 mg (step in dose: take 1200 mg daily), also as enriched capsules Pea Complex, and as PEA cream. PEA can be combined without any difficulties with any other drug, painkiller or supplement. Supplementation with PEA encourages the body’s own natural healing and painkilling capacity to do its thing. Since 2014 there is also available a new PEA cream, to enhance the effects of PEA also via the thin nerves in the skin.


  1. painkiller and anti-inflammatory compound
  2. produced in our cells, natural compound
  3. protects cells
  4. is proven to be effective and safe in many clinical trials in more than 5000 patients
  5. can be combined with any other compound
  6. is available as capsules, pessaries and as a cream

PeaPure as a supplement comes in capsules of 400 mg, containing finely powdered (micronized) pure PEA, no pharmaceutical additives or fillers or any artificial additive.

You can start taking three 4 400 mg capsules a day, in 2 or 3 gifts. The dose can be increased up to 2400 mg daily. Mostly we advise patients to double the dose only after 4 weeks, and only in case of insufficient efficacy.

If pain improves after some weeks to 2 months one might want to decrease dose to 2 times 400 mg.

If no improvement after 2-3 months, stop. Painkillers such as PEA, but also Neurontin, Lyrica and Amitriptyline (brand name Elavil all need time to reset the system, mostly 1-2 months.

Always inform your physician just to keep him/her in the loop.

For physicians and pharmacists all relevant information can be found via the links to peer reviewed journals in:

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5. Keppel Hesselink JM. Chronic idiopathic axonal neuropathy and pain, treated with the endogenous lipid mediator palmitoylethanolamide: a case collection. International Medical Case Reports Journal Published Date September 2013 Volume 2013:6 Pages 49 – 53


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