Containing Vitamin C (250mg), Zinc (15mg), Vitamin A (1000 IU), Selenium (100 MCG)

A few benefits include:
Health promotion
Disease prevention
Antioxidant boost
Reduce cellular DNA damage that is the vital first step in cancer initiation and also reduce the inflammatory changes that allow a malignant cell to grow into a dangerous tumour.
Help avert or shorten the duration of common colds and may mitigate the risk of serious respiratory conditions like asthma
Can speed the clearance of the stomach disease-causing bacterium Helicobacter pylori and cut the risk of gastric cancer it causes.
Improve Athletic Performance
Support Reproductive System
Improve Cardiovascular Health
Improve Sleep & Energy Levels
Boost Brain Performance

– BioActive Capsules- 100 Caps- $49.99

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